Costco Grocery Haul Video

Today I am sharing my latest Costco grocery haul.  As always, I include Weight Watchers PointsPlus.  Enjoy!

Like my grocery haul videos? Here is my grocery haul history for your enjoyment.  I have recently added this to the navigation menu under Food -> Grocery Hauls, FYI.


Costco Grocery Haul

Hi friends! Today I am sharing my latest Costco grocery haul. These continue to be some of my most viewed ...
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  • Melissa

    I wish we had a Costco in our town. Just Sam’s club and they don’t have nearly the selection of Costco! That chicken salad looks good, most of them contain onions which I don’t like. Are there onions in this one? I recently stumbled upon your blog and have found myself catching up on some old posts. You’ve done an awesome job on WW! Way to go.

    • Marjorie @APinchOfHealthy

      Hi Melissa! I need to do a Sam’s club haul. We actually have a membership, but I have not used it for grocery shopping. We bought the membership to get a set of tires for my car. I need to take advantage and see what I can find there.

      Yes, this chicken salad does have green onions in it, FYI. So you may not like that. My husband is the same way about onions!

      Thanks so much for reading and following! I hope you have a great week.